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Make a Monster Play Dough Kit

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This Make a Monster Play Dough Kit comes with scented homemade play dough and all the parts to create your own creature! Use the purple berry scented dough and the green lime scented dough to make your monster’s body, then add eyes, ears, noses, mouths, hands, feet and tails to make it unique. All the pieces are long lasting so you can put it all away in the latching plastic container and explore your creativity day after day.

Make a Monster Kit Includes:
*Berry Scare-y Homemade Play Dough - purple raspberry scented
*Slime-y Limey Homemade Play Dough - neon green lime scented
*jar of monster parts: eyes, ears, noses, mouths, hands, feet, tails, and antennae
*four monster picks
*shiny firework pick (colors vary)
*6x6 clear container with latching lid
*air tight jars for storing play dough

The play dough is long lasting if you store it in the airtight jars. If you see salt crystals form on the dough, this is normal! Simply squish it a bit and they will dissolve back into the dough. If you wish, add a drop of water and squish it. A little goes a long way and your dough is ready to play with again.

Additional suggestions: Wash hands before playing with play dough. This will keep the kit clean and make the play dough last longer.

*Recommended for ages 3 and up or when the child no longer puts objects in their mouth. Parent supervision required. Contains small pieces that are a choking hazard for young children.